• Yes!! Most definitely!

    I would hate to see the penny go and so would a lot of people however, it takes 2 cents to make 1 penny. It takes 2 pennies to make 1!! Why do we still need them!? They are just causing us to lose money. They are almost a complete loss so yes. We should get rid of them.

  • We should eliminate the penny.

    It cost too much.The penny is not worth the money to make it. It costs US tax payers too
    much money to make it and therefore should be done away with. In
    addition more pennies are thrown away each year than are spent. The US
    government has a lot more things to waste money on than this archaic
    piece of useless money.

  • It's not doing us any good.

    Nobody uses it. It takes more energy and money to create a penny than it's actually worth. That reason alone should be enough. Combine that with the fact those resources could be better used elsewhere and I see no reason to keep it around. Especially as more people move to a digital payment method.

  • I love pennies

    It may be technically more cost than its monetary value, but pennies are great! They let you do perfect math with the money. You don't have to round the number which would make it unfair. It is still economically relevant and it is also a symbol of national pride. .

  • No, keep the penny

    Athough the penny has less use compared to years past, it is still relevant in today's economy because quite simply, pennys add up. When paying for everyday, minute items pennies come in handy and keep customers from spending bigger denominations of money. Also, elimination of the penny will cause the economy to hike up prices on products.

  • Keep the Penny Circulating

    I think the penny is important in our economic system. The final prices of most all items you purchase end in a cent amount less then five, requiring the penny to make the difference. If the penny is removed from circulation the nickel will replace it so any final price of any item would have to be five or a multiple of five. This would most likely result in raising of prices and taxes to always end on a five or zero as the ending cent amount. The penny is useful as the least amount the dollar can be broken into. Anyway, after some time people would say the nickel is useless and want to get rid of that also.

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