Do you think the VA will be able to get the doctors, nurses, and employees that they need without making major changes?

  • They already have them.

    The doctors, nurses, and employees are not the problem. The problem is that it's the government trying to run a health care enterprise as a government bureau. People have died because of that. They need to bring in commercial health care experts who know how to accomplish goals and trash the bureaucracy.

  • VA Needs Major Changes in Order to Attract New Employees

    It is highly doubtful that VA will hire the needed staff without major changes. The Health Sector is a very competitive one and the payment and bonus issues are key. VA has to draw a clear picture of its strength and benefits and appeal to medical schools and colleges early enough to be able to compete with the private facilities.

  • No they won't.

    I do not think that VA will be able to get the health care employees that they will need without making some big changes to their current system. They will not have the money or resources to hire people without doing something and that is just the start of it.

  • No they won't

    They need to hire around 10,000 people from what I understand. If they don't offer something decent, or place the spotlight on the perks of the jobs I really doubt it. They could even point out what a difference they will be making and how they will be touching the other peoples lives.

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