Do you think the World Cup unites the world (yes) or divides it (no)?

  • Sports do not divide the world...

    It unites the world as we know it. It provides a sense of everyone going through the same thing during the competition making them more likely to act nice to them rather than acting hostile toward the opposition. It then unites them together because they know they aren't the only one out there going through the same thing - a sense of belonging.

  • It is like the Olympics.

    Yes, I think that the World Cup unites the world rather than dividing it, because it is a large event that people all over the world follow. There is a great deal of pagentry associated with it. For countries that do not often win Olympic medals, the World Cup is a great event to show a country's pride.

  • The World Cup Unites The World A Lot

    More than any sport in history, the world cup has united the world more than ever. The world cup brings people together from every nation across the world. It encourages people to seek peace and unity amongst each other. Apart from that, its an exciting sport renown all over the world. Every person in this world knows how to play or has heard of football at some point in their life.

  • I think unite

    I think that a huge sporting even like this will do a good job at bringing the world together for a single event. I think that the world cup is the 2nd most viewed thing in the world, behind the summer olympics and brings a lot of places together now.

  • It united the world.

    The world cup definitely unites the world and gets us all talking about something collectively that isn't war. Of course there are some hostile rivalries, like Argentina and Brazil, but even that isn't too bad usually. The world cup is fantastic and I am really looking forward to it, even as an American.

  • Dividing the world

    World cup is an amazing competition I admit it. But it doesn't help out the world by uniting it.

    Such as the semi-finals Brazil against Germany match at 2014. It was a serious disaster for the Brazilians all their lost, creating serious problems in their country.

    Some people even bet their money on to the teams they like! Such as some like Argentina, they'll bet 1000, 10000 or even more on their favourite team saying they will win. Once they lose, some of them will run out of money and lend money from other people, causing problems during the progress.

    I seriously don't think World Cup will unite the world. Instead dividing the world, creating more and more problems in the world.

  • Friendly Open Competition

    I believe the World Cup does divide the world, but at least it does it using friendly and open competition. I believe this form of dividing is actually healthy as it allows the opposing teams to face off on a field then part ways amicable. I know it causes tensions in the stands sometimes but I think that is normal.

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