Do you think the world will be a better place without the United States?

Asked by: camadkins13
  • It might have been better

    The world might be a better place because over 100 million native Americans would not have died (of course they died over time not at once). Not to mention but a lot would not have been forced out of their homes and into reservations. Also Germany might have won world war one. Think that's a bad thing well ww2 would not have happened and millions of Jews and other religious/cultural groups would not have been killed. Also socialist governments would most likely have risen and countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway, England, ECT... Again most likely would have guaranteed freedom of speech. Also napoleon would not have risen and not have killed millions. So in turn since Germany would not have risen so ww1 might not have even happened! Also a lot of America would have been run by native American tribes assuming France and Britain would have honored their agreements and not attacked the native Americans . So yeah seems better.

  • Not at all.

    Even though it has had its problems, the US (in my opinion) is by far the best country in the world. In WWI and WWII, the US provided great aid to European countries, and played a great role in stopping Germany and its allies in WWI and WWII. The US has produced and been the safe haven for many people throughout history, and has demonstrated great individualism and greatness through its might and support of other countries. Even though many people hate the US, the world would have been a worst place without the US.

  • The world would be in a far worse situation

    Even though the US caused and maintained problems for there own benefits but many countries without them would lack a functioning economy and independence this can be seen before and after the trumen doctrine and the marshal plan yet it was created for selfish reasons but it has benefited many countries which lead them into having a functioning country. Also US companies and businesses employ millions of people internationally, development in science and medicine would slow down and US is also the greatest contributor to the UN which means many aids and rescues the UN supplies is funded by the US lets not forget about the many technological advancements that was first created by the US for example the flying machine the affordable car and an efficient telephone. Yet they do cause many modern international conflicts but the benefits they brought to humanity is much greater than the problems they have caused

  • We can't maintain the safe world without the U.S.

    At first, Some countries like China wants to get more territory and resources, if the U.S. doesn't exist, then they will be more aggressive to get it. We need a Deterrence to maintain the safe world. Secondly, the U.S has many innovative companies, they are making better products to improve our life.

  • No the world would be terrible

    If not for the U.S. the Nazis would have won World War Two, if that happened, we would all be living under tyrant, I would be dead and no one would have the right to free speech or the right to bear arms, so even though I agree that the U.S. has done some bad stuff, we would still be w rose if not for it.

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