Do you think the world's largest aquifer will ever completely dry up?

  • Yes, everything fades

    If you think it will happen in our time frame, maybe not,but it will happen some day. I think we all know nothing lasts forever. It may appear it does,but that is just far fetched. The underground well will go dry and the environment will change,regardless if we did it or not.

  • Yes it will

    The world's largest aquifer will eventually dry up. There are only a certain number of people it can support, and when we reach that tipping point, there is no coming back. The disturbing part is that we are very close to reaching that tipping point right now, and must act.

  • All aquifer's have a chance at drying up

    All things will eventually end if used at a high enough rate. If the use of the water exceeds the flow into the aquifer, then the aquifer will dry up. It may never be completely dry, but it can be used to a sufficient level that any water taken from it will not be significant enough to replace the same rate that dried the aquifer up in the first place.

  • They will make adjustments.

    No, I do not think that the world's largest aquifier will ever completely dry up, because there will always be adjustments and modifications that can be made to improve the process. Engineers will get better and invent new techniques. Even if the natural resources change or contract, we will still be able to get ground water through the aquifier.

  • No, I don't think the main aquifer will dry up.

    I do not think that the world's largest aquifer will every dry up. I think that there will always be a good amount of water to serve the needs of a lot of societies and nations. There will always be ways to replenish the suppy as well with scientific methods.

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