Do you think the Xbox One is the most advanced gaming console on the market?

Asked by: JuliaD
  • Yes I believe it is..

    Keep in mind I'm writing this after the policy changes. Microsoft's DRM policy was meant to help the gaming producers and show them that the game is selling and there is enough money for a sequel. The idea of Microsoft's family plan was the idea is that 10 of your family members on Xbox live could play the game you have (note that you can choose who your family members are.) I also believe the kinect is the next step in gaming, it's renginered and I look forward to the game. Keep in mind that the DRM policy is bound to happen later on in the future wether we want it or not.

  • No, definitely not.

    I think the Xbox One is a new step for Microsoft but, it is not the most advanced. I think this because Sony has already shown us footage of new games on PS4, these games look better then the PS3 games graphics. Which leads me to my conclusion that Xbox One is a new step, but it's technology is not as advanced as it could be. I believe in the long run PS4 will be the more advanced console. I also heard on Xbox One there is a 40 dollar fee to play a game if its used or borrowed from a friend. That is not an advance, it is more of a set back from the Xbox 360's abilities. Also Xbox One needs to be connected to the internet every 24 hours if I am correct.

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