Do you think the Xbox One will be a major success for Microsoft?

Asked by: JuliaD
  • Yes It will.

    The Xbox One Is like the Xbox 360 but better. Better graphics and better games. A improve controller and kinect. Microsoft has never let me down when it comes to game like "Halo4" and "Naruto Broken Bond" .Microsoft have been very successful through out its year and it will be better.

  • A big part

    Sure, the Xbox One has its bad points etc, but the truth of the matter is, look at Call of Duty, the majority of gamers hate it, yet it still sells millions of copies.
    This console will be no different, though PS4 may have the upper hand this generation, it doesn't mean the Xbox One is just going to crash and disappear. I guarantee that at least half of the 360 gamers badmouthing it will still get it, it's a huge step up, and whether we like it or not, it is effectively the future, everything is becoming one. Like phones are pretty much a handheld computer now, home entertainment will eventually follow, Xbox One is the first step toward that.

    I may have made this sound very one sided, I think both are great consoles, but as I'm not really hit by any of the bad points, I'm 100% with Microsoft on this one.

  • The xbox one, will be a success.

    I believe the Xbox one will be a success. Why? Firstly, let me define the motion, Do you think the Xbox One will be a major success for Microsoft? Or Will Xbox one, the new console sell. I think it will sell, Why? Firstly everyone seems to be saying of how it is just a television. Or is a core entertainment device, I disagree. I believe that the new Xbox will relate in all sorts of ways, for core gamers who want to play their games. And for the whole family who wants to watch television or movies. Thus the Xbox one relates the whole family in a sort of way that gives the family a good television, whilst provides a excellent service for the core gamers of Microsoft. If it follows the path of Xbox 360, it will probably sell decently.

  • As a media center not a gaming device

    Most everyone seems to be using their gaming systems as media centers. I think Microsoft has saw this and is making a media center with the ability to play games, not the other way around. Especially with the addition of Blu Ray they will have a pretty solid case. I'm just waiting for the Xbox One TV.

  • Everyone will eventually buy it

    If people like it or not they will buy it because it is next gen and most new games are coming out on like rainbow six seige. PS3 fans will stick to that or the PS4. Not to mention the xbox one is a great console and does not require alot to handle.

  • Microsofts Massive War Chest Assures Success

    If piles of money were animals than it would be the MS Rex vs the Sony Squirrel. Sony doesnt know how to run a business. They are hemorrhaging money from just about everywhere and re pretty much losing money on the Playstation4. I own both systems and I love them both but lets be real. MS has money and is going to spend it to ensure that the ONE is relevant for the next 10 years. Its also more expansion minded. Where as the Playstion 4 is dedicated to the core idea of gaming, the ONE is designed to expand and be more adaptable to the future in terms of entertainment etc. Let us also remember that the Playstation 3 was more powerful than the ONE and it didmt mean a whole lot. MS has a better plan and way more money than Sony does. In the long run MS cant lose. They simply wont allow it.

  • Xbox. The future of gaming

    Xbox has more applications compared to the ps4 and it comes with a kinect. Also if ps4 has more hardware performance compared to xbox one, the games will take the required performance they need to run. So it is waste of having extra hardware. And the next thing you will see that sony makes its product out of cheap material. My ps3 makes a lot of irritating noises.

  • It only does everything

    Better graphics, azure cloud, dedicated servers, a truly impressive new Kinect, they refined an already perfect controller and so far looks like much better launch games. The hardware difference is so small it won't matter, all 3rd party games will look the same on both consoles. On top of being just as capable at gaming as the Sony console it also has a ton of extra features that people can choose to use.

  • Xbox one,come back....Hopefully.

    Like any other new consoles its going to be overpriced and there is going to be problems at first. In time I believe they would make some money i guess. When they hopefully lower the price to something reasonable. When they create more and more games for the xbox one and they remove some restrictions. Then people will probably turn around and start buying it.

  • Ok, so. Lets talk about this.

    I have an Xbox 360 and a couple of my friends have an xbox one. I HATE the Xbox one for multiple reasons! First, you can't even tell who is first, second, third, or fourth player!! It's so weird! Second, I LOVE Xbox 360 and Xbox one is NOTHING like it!

  • Microsoft has no idea what a video games console is

    By which I mean, they seem to think that a video games console is for watching TV. "With the new Xbox 1, I can watch TV on my TV!"
    Zero backwards compatibility, used games are sold as new even after damaged. I personally believe we should all join the PC master race.

  • As of now, my opinion is 'no.'

    I'm not really an Xbox person anyway. I'm more of a Nintendo fan, but I will try not to let my general preference for Nintendo get in the way of my opinion.

    The Xbox 360 is a good console. I think it is. It's multiplayer friendly, you don't need a stable internet connection for it to work, and you don't need to pay a fee to play used/borrowed games on it. You also didn't have to have the Kinect with it, and nor do multiple players in the same room have to pay to play.

    The Xbox One, from what I've heard so far: needs a stable internet connection to work and if your internet disconnects, the games won't be able to function (and that includes single player games), you can't play them if you disconnect the Kinect sensor.

    You can't lend games, or trade them, or rent them. So only pre-approved retailers can take your games (no independent stores (admittedly, I rely on one such store to get my games, but that's beside the point here)). You can also only sell a game to a friend if you've known them for more than 30 days on your contacts list and they will not be able to sell it afterwards.

    Also, from what I hear, the Kinect sensor will still be able to hear you, which is why you can say 'Xbox on' to turn the Xbox One on. It can also register your emotions and check for 'paid players', even in the dark. I don't really like the idea of that kind of spying stuff in my house, even if to try and find things catered to the gamers, it could probably still be put to use by certain acts (e.G. PRISM.)

    I think all it boils down to is that it's an expensive paperweight, not friendly to Microsoft's usual crowd. I'm surprised they thought all that stuff is a good idea.

  • As of this message... No

    Microsoft has really demonstrated that they really don't understand their fans and their audience that well. Microsoft has presented very few games, making the X-Box One appear more like a $400 everything in one device rather than a gaming console.
    Making matters worse, the way the One handles online and used games is absolutely awful. Having the system have to be online at least once every 24 hours is unrealistic and paying full price for used games discourages people from buying the games to begin with.

    Mircosoft has to do very well this coming E3 2013 if they expect to do as well as they predict they will.

  • No, what is this s**t?

    I'm not a fan of PS3 or Xbox 360. I think they have their ups and downs, and are both rubbish when compared to PC. So with Ps4 being rather disappointing, I had high hopes for Xbox One. Then Microsoft decided to bugger those and give me this.

    What is this? No backwards compatibility? Still have to pay for online? And you tell me the only thing you've got left to go on is television? Yeah, not f***ing likely.

    I'm pretty sure I'm not in the minority when I say the Xbox One will be s**t, and I'm just a little ticked Microsoft thought this was a good idea. I'll keep my old xbox 360 and just stick to PC thank you very much.

  • Absolutely not (as of right now)

    No backwards compatibility, you get fined every time you try to buy or play a used game (e.G. If you take a game to a friend's house, if you are not signed in, your friend's xbox live account will be fined a price equivalent to the game's purchase price), and it is essentially just for lazy people who want to watch TV instead of using it to actually GAME.

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