Do you think there are any areas in which men are not treated equally?

  • There is definitely still a patriarchal society, this does not mean that men are equal in every aspect.

    Now there is no way of viably saying that women are now equal to men, they most certainly are not. But there are aspects of our society that favour women over men. For example, in divorce cases, women tend to receive the majority of custody over the couple's children, and maybe even get to decide if the father is "deserving" of seeing his children. In domestic abuse cases where the woman is the abuser, men are considered to be cowards if they don't fight back, and cowards if they do. The feminist movement is about equality for all.

  • Yes, There are a few

    Although I believe that men have many more rights than women, there are some areas where men are not treated equally. If a man is raped or sexually assaulted, he cannot usually get the same treatment as a female and would not be available to the same kind of help that a woman would get. Men are also less likely to gain custody of their child in a child custody case compared to women. Men are also expected to fight in war and are put into a draft if war comes.

  • There are several

    To be clear, I'm not making the point that men have it 'harder' than women, or that history has not been more skewed or in favor of men, but there are places of inequality in their favor. Divorce court and child custody, military service, and neglect of sexual assaults are some areas.

  • Yes, perhaps there are a few areas.

    There may be an area or two in which men are treated differently than women, but different is not always worse and it may be based on the complementary nature of the genders. For instance, some men may resent paying for dates, but a lot of men would take this as their role and feel bad if they didn't do it.

  • Yes there are areas in which men are not treated equally, such as in child custody cases?

    While women's issues in equality are far more prevalent, men do have equality issues in certain areas, and one of the main examples here are with parental rights in custody cases. Just as this has been getting better for men in recent years, so has certain equality issues in areas for women. But, there is a ways to go for us all to meet in the middle.

  • When Sexual Assault Charges Are Brought Up Against Them

    I do not believe men are treated equally when sexual assault charges are brought up against them. When this happens, more often then not, they are automatically assumed guilty and this begins to follow them from day one. I know of two people personally who have been affected by false allegations and they were treated very unfairly in the process.

  • Still Have Patriarchal Society

    Men still dominate today's society both socially and politically. There are no areas in which men are not treated equally or better than women. There are no such things are "men's night" at bars. Men aren't left hanging with children growing their uterus and wondering if their partner will help raise the child. Men don't worry about being date raped. Men make more money than women in general. Men continue to dominate today's patriarchal society as it has been for millennia.

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