• During naturally occurring climate change...

    In the past during naturally occurring climate change, the loss of ice sheets due to the rising temperatures has caused increased geological activity, possibly in part due to the reduced pressure from the ice sheets, which presumably caused earthquakes, so while I disagree that currently earthquakes are being caused due to global warming, based on the evidence I have provided, it may be possible that more earthquakes could occur when we lose ice sheets, such as Greenlands. It is unfortunate that there is no middle ground for this opinion question.

  • There is a corlation between global warming and quakes.

    According to Bill McGuire is professor of geophysical and climate hazards at University College London, he has concluded,"GPS measurements reveal that the crust beneath the Greenland ice sheet". This means that as ice melts its shifitng earth. His report also stated An astounding 52m cubic kilometres of water was sucked from the oceans
    to form the ice sheets, causing sea levels to plummet by about 130
    metres – the height of the Wembley stadium arch. As the ice sheets
    melted so this gigantic volume of water was returned, bending the crust
    around the margins of the ocean basins under the enormous added weight,
    and provoking volcanoes in the vicinity to erupt and faults to rupture".

  • Yes, there are more earthquakes because of global warming.

    Yes, global warming is the cause of many natural disasters. Global warming is scary because it is changing the climate of areas. Earthquakes are no different. If global warming is causing more horrific weather events, it must have something to do with there being more earthquakes. Global warming is dangerous and is causing dangerous events.

  • Maybe? But inderectly

    Global warming causes climate change, climate changes the soil, and ground of that region.
    For example less wetlands in some places, more wetlands in another.
    Sure what we see from global warming is the biota, but it makes enough senses for it to change the ground.
    Idk if it makes a difference to the point of tectonic plate shifts, but then again, i wouldn't be surprised.

    Everything is interconnected, and every cause has an effect, just the differences are just a gradient. So i guess the question is how much

  • Earthquakes are not related to global warming.

    Earthquakes are a result of shifting tectonic plates under the earth's surface. The temperature deep under the earth is unrelated to the temperature on the earth's surface. Global warming, on the other hand, is directly related to the temperature on and above the earth's surface, caused by the greenhouse effect created by humans. Humans have created too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which has led to trapped heat warming the earth. The tectonic plates are not affected by this heat. Therefore, a presumed increase in earthquakes is not related to global warming.

  • No, not at all.

    There are more earthquakes detected and this is due to the fact that we have more technology to detect and log quake activity. To conclude that there are more earthquakes is simply not true. The fallacy of time is present in this argument. More earthquakes as compared to what?... One year, 1000 years, an eon. There is really no data to connect GW to earthquakes.

  • Global warming and earthquakes are unrelated

    Everything odd that happens in the world is being blamed on global warming. Overall warming has been static over the past ten years, so even global warming is unclear. Blaming earthquakes on global warming is unfounded and part of the environmental hysteria that has become so common in today's society.

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