Do you think there could be a real life John Q. Scenario in America

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • When people or their loved ones are sick or dying they get desperate

    Many states refused to expand Medicaid and now there are people who fall in a gap between that coverage and the coverage of Obamacare subsidies. These people are without healthcare, and some have even died.

    It's very plausible that one of these people or a loved one will get desperate enough to try what John Q. Did in the movie rather than going quietly.

    I don't condone that people do this but it is human nature to want to survive.

    Guaranteeing full coverage to all is vital if we are to guarantee a stable society. Even when people don't get as desperate as "John Q." people may resort to selling illegal drugs, robberies, etc... And probably already have in order to pay medical bills. Even if someone isn't sick they may be worried they could get sick at any time and want to prepare by making money illegally if necessary. Why do you think Europe and Canada have lower rates of crime than America?

    We need universal coverage and Republicans need to get out of the way and stop blocking it not just because it's compassionate but because social stability depends on it.

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