• It is impossible for races to be mentally equal

    Seeing that each race evolved in vastly different environments over thousands of years, it it ignorant to believe they somehow developed all the exact same mental abilities. Looking at areas like Africa and Northern Europe is a good example of the vast differences in mental capabilities of the different races.

  • Yes,I do think there is a connection between race and intelligence.

    Its easy to see that other countries flourish as a whole when it comes to comparing them to the rest of the world. I think a perfect example is Asians, they always seem to push the intellectual boundaries. It could be cultural more than racial,but its obvious that Asians have the upper hand.

  • I do not think there is a correlation between race and intelligence.

    No, I do not think a correlation exists between race and intelligence levels. While it may seem that some races are more intelligent, such as Asians, we are more likely witnessing the effects of determination and upbringing. Members of any race have the abillity to show high levels of intelligence.

  • the correlation is stronger with learned behavior

    If my father was keen to read encyclopedias about the capitals of states and capitals of nations around the world, I might be encouraged to read that same thing. But in lower income cases, the father may be working overtime, and not have time nor energy to show this book loving and encyclopedia loving.

  • I can't tell the wisdom of a man by the color of his skin

    Race and intelligence can not be proven. The basic idea of intelligence being predictable by race is impossible because certain races are just generally not given the proper opportunity to prove themself as intelligent. Some scientists have taken samples of the populations and tried to give them the same opportunities, the results would support the theory that race is an indicator of intelligence, but no experiment could be completely controlled. An argument that Pres. Obama is proof that the black man is intelligence could be stated, but G.W. Bush was also the President, and he was not smart.

  • No, race has nothing to do with intelligence.

    No scientific study confirms that race has anything at all to do with intelligence. Factors that do affect intelligence include nutrition and poor living conditions, and if more of one race than another seem to be of substandard intelligence, this would more likely be the cause. Inherently, though, race and intelligence are unrelated.

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