Do you think there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats?

Asked by: zestog3
  • Different Morals & Agendas

    I think that Democrats and Republicans have a similar cause, to create a government that helps those in need and avoids communism. The key difference is which is more important. Democrats are only focusing on helping people and republicans are only focusing on maintaining capitalism. The reason for all the fighting is that republicans think that democrats want to redistribute wealth and democrats think that republicans like throwing orphans in the snow.

  • Of course there is, you idiots

    The only reason you would say no is if you are trying to express your disapproval of politics or if you just blatantly don't understand. Democrats are liberal, Republicans are Conservative. Democrats think a big government is good because it can serve the people, Republicans think that a big government is bad and it should stay small. This isn't a debate, its like saying is their a difference between apples and bananas. Its not that hard.

  • How can anyone think there's no difference?

    Of course there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats! How can anyone think that there isn't?? There are all kinds of topics they have directly the opposite views on. Dems are liberal, they're all for socialism, free handouts, tolerance, abortion, etc. Ask any Republican, and they'll be against that.

  • They be different

    The republicans is a good politic cuz my daddy been supportin them for lots of years. The democrats is a party of no good rotyten pig squealers. They isnt a party that the younguns should be aspirin to. They should be shot in front of the world to see before their very eyes.

  • No difference whatsoever

    Both sides claim to care about helping people. However, when it comes to but-cutting time, neither side give a damn at all. Both claim to support programs that help people, but neither care about the people those programs screw. Neither side is willing to listen to the other, even if that’s what’s best for the people.

  • What has changed?

    I agree they go by different names and the two parties argue, debate, run campaigns on social issues. Should any government entity be involved in social issues? So minus these social issues what is the difference? Are we in less wars? Is the countries debt less? Is our country safer? Is our infrastructure better? So all of these issues the elected officials should have done something about they didn't and all of them seem to have furthered corporate interests. They keep big debates going and all media attention on things that do not matter...Look at what happened while the Monica Lewinsky ordeal was going on and look what Bush did while we were watching a supposed war on terror. The elected officials seem to have done what is best for the elite while just entertaining the rest of us with colorful debates.

  • There is no longer a difference between the two

    Except in semantics. Both parties support big government and support reducing personal freedoms for the People. Both support greater government involvement in individual's lives. The only differences are that one claims to be liberal and one claims to be conservative. But, in fact, both are socialist power grabbing parties who use smoke and mirrors to create the illusion of difference. In the end, the only thing either party is interested in is power.
    The power in the United States rests in the hands of the People. However, these parties have over the years managed to wrest that power from the People. Of course, it is our own fault and now it appears we are going to have a difficult time returning that power to the ruling class of our country, which is, you guessed it, the People.
    Let's look at this issue realistically. Democrats want larger government to oversee social programs their policies create such as welfare and entitlements like Social Security. In order to accomplish this, they have to reduce the amount of discretionary spending money available to people. They do this by creating more bureaucracies requiring higher taxes to support. They pass laws which restrict people's freedoms or force people to purchase things they don't want, like health insurance they can't afford. The ones who suffer are the People.
    Republicans want a more authoritative government. They pass laws granting the government greater powers and have to create larger law enforcement agencies to enforce these laws. This requires reducing the amount of discretionary spending money the people have by increasing taxes to support these agencies with alphabet soup names. Then, in order to maintain the illusion of reducing government, they reduce benefits of social programs like welfare and entitlements like Social Security. The excess money is then routed to subsidize Big Oil and other big businesses. Meanwhile, people who genuinely need welfare or the Social Security which they paid into their entire lives, go without food, shelter and clothing. The ones who suffer are the People.
    So, no, there is no difference between the two parties in anything other than the method in which they cause suffering.

  • Republican and Democrats are the Same, One Party

    The Republicans and Democrats are the same. Their elites, at the top of their party, say they are different, but it is all for show.

    Neither one has cut the government and has consistently grown government. One says it wants to cut a little spending on welfare, but not a damn cent on the military. One says it wants to cut a little spending on the military, but not a damn penny on social welfare.

    They come together to take away the American citizen rights. They will bicker about a budget bill, and then compromise and grow the government. But, they all stand hand in hand to sign acts like the Patriot Act, the NDAA, the Iraq War, Guantanamo, continued printing of money of the Federal Reserve, No audit for the Fed, as some examples.

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