• Yes I do.

    Sometime some artists are on the line of several different genres, one of the examples of this is Kenny G's music. I think that he often varies from different types of sounds making it hard to really say he belongs to one type of genre. I do not think that is a bad thing though.

  • He is a jazz artist

    I would not have figured that there was a serious disagreement between people as to what genre Kenny G's music is - it is jazz, isn't it? Kenny G is a jazz saxophonist and has been recognized as such for decades now, the debate...if there was one...has long been over.

  • What is there to dispute?

    Kenny G himself refers to his music as "smooth jazz", and it seems that most people would be willing to agree with that. There may be some audiophiles who would vie for a more obscure classification, but for the average consumer, it does not seem that there is any reason to question the genre that Kenny G has claimed for his music.

  • Kenny G. makes jazz, period.

    There is not a dispute as to the genre of Kenny G's music. Most people simply refer to him as a jazz musician because of the non-vocal flute music he does. Music also has sub-genres that can confuse people. Music genres can also intersect but I don't see how Kenny G's music can by labeled as anything but jazz.

  • To Me There Isn't

    I do not believe there is a dispute to the genre of Kenny G's music. If there is, people should reconsider since genres are merely subjective. It's certainly not worth entering a debate over since his music could easily be classified into several different categories and more than likely would be if a large group of people were asked about it.

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