• Proto Post Capitalism

    Capitalism is finding limits to itself in terms of needing to supply everyone with a job and income to buy goods and services thanks to increasing efficiency of mechanization. We don't have a method of dealing with this yet, and the draconian policies of cutting through welfare entitlements is just making demand-side economic problems worse. The reforms to these welfare systems, and the changing nature of work, will move us toward something decidedly different than pure capitalism.

  • No I Do Not

    I do not believe there is a new type of economy. The United States still runs on the same economy it always has, although it has more capitalist undertones now than it has in the past. The income gap is the most obvious sign of this problem. It is doubtful a "new" economy will spring out of this.

  • The economy is the economy, it can grow but there's only one.

    The economy is the ever changing, always flowing supply and demand of humanity. There may be new markets that open up or disappear over time but the economy still encompasses all trade in all forms. And all of the those forms of trade are based on supply and demand, the whims and wishes of the people that participate. So no, I don't think there is a "new" type of economy.

  • The economy hasn't changed.

    No, I do not think that there is a new type of economy, because the principles of economics have not changed in many years. The Roman economy fell apart because of inflation. That is the same problem that we have now. We can make regulations, but the principles still apply.

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