• There is such a thing as environmental injustice.

    There is such a thing as environmental injustice. Just like chopping down all the forests before planting new ones so that the wildlife have somewhere to go. Or when they clear swamplands and leave the alligators fleeing for their lives. I think that there is such a thing as environmental injustice.

  • Of Course there is Environmental Injustice

    Certainly environmental injustice exists, at least in this country. Perhaps in China everyone inhales smog equally, but here you have only to go into poorer neighborhoods to note the difference from the nice clean, quiet environment in wealthier neighborhoods and the black dust and soot from nearby railroads and factories where poorer folks live. Even without checking water quality.

  • Yes, there is.

    Environmental justice is when we treat our planet like the life-sustaining place that it is. We cannot continue in our current ways and expect for our planet or the environment to sustain us for much longer. Pollution is a problem, global warming is a problem, and the depletion of resources is a massive problem.

  • You have a right to your property.

    Yes, there is such a thing as environmental injustice, because a person has a right to their own property. If a person has a creek that runs through their property, they have a right to not have the person upstream from them dumping pollution in it. Nature should not be invaded, because each property own deserves peace.

  • Yes There Is

    Obviously there is such a thing as environmental injustice. It isn't necessarily directly connected with environmental justice however. Injustices would include harms to the environment, which actually happens quite often. It can also be associated with the poor location of large infrastructure or the ill effects of human pollution on the environment.

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