Do you think there is a top secret organization ruling the world?

Asked by: Debatemenow
  • That's what I think

    Turn on the tv, read a magazine, surf the internet, people see violence, sex, violent sex, and alot of other immoral things that entice them to do the same. Coincedence? I think not. These are all against Christianity, maybe there is an antichrist org that makes all of these things happen.

  • Not The Whole World, But Close

    Corporations easily control most of the world. I'm reading a book which details the use of "economic hit men" and "jackals" to spread corruption and the influence of the American government. The most prominent politicians in America, be they Democrat or Republican, are always sponsored by huge corporations. These corporations have almost complete influence over the candidate or other members of the party, which translates into complete control of the government when the candidate is elected. Party absolutely does not matter; whichever candidate you choose, they are guaranteed to be a political figurehead controlled by a large corporation or a set of large corporations. These oligarchs' agendas are not limited by things that are inconvenient to them, such as office terms and regulations against corruption. They send out economic hit men to spread corruption for their corporations to stake a claim in a country, and, failing that option, send in troops under a false pretense as the U.S. government.

  • It isn't really secret, most folks just have their blinders on.

    The truth in my mind is that the elite mega wealthy, the .00001%, control the politicians here and abroad. Their tool of choice to control the masses is the United Nations. The tools they use are usually enforced with data eschewed from the Ivory Tower, whom they pay very well. Agenda 21 is their vision for the planet and what you have to figure out is where you fit in. Well do you punk?

  • Organizations can't rule the world

    It cannot. That is the most absurd idea. The only thing that can rule the world is a country/empire. There is no monetary top secret organizations ruling the world at all. There are only countries with colonial possessions (such as Denmark and Britain, and by the looks of it one of them will lead the Antichrist's drive for world domination). There is no monetary movement running the world. Just countries and conquest.

  • There's no such thing as a powerful group in control of the world

    People who actually believe in some kind of secret organization ruling the world should think of the Watergate scandal as an example of how hard it is to keep certain things secret from the public.
    I'm open to discussing how democracy is often badly applied or threatened by economic interest, but the idea that a single organization could "rule over the world" is laughable to me.
    I think most conspiracy theorists should stop believing in stories just because they find them more exciting than reality and actually start to think rationally

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