• Tobin taxes can generate revenue

    Tobin taxes compliments currency really well and can be a bridge between certain exchanges especially at a tax level. Tobin taxes have the ability to be applied at a official currency exchange which ultimately brings in much more revenue. This really relates to how Tobin taxes are used from a fundamental standpoint.

  • Yes I do.

    I do think there is an optimum Tobin tax level for currency pairs. And that optimum will be found out soon, as there is more and more data for people to look at. This will help the economy and when it is at its optimum, not hurt anyone that much.

  • Yes there is

    Yes, I think that their is a tax level that will be just about perfect, where the people do not mind to pay it, and also brings the maximum amount of money into the country that is getting the money. The trick is finding the right amount to hit the optimum.

  • Optimum tax level

    There is an optimum tax level for currency pairs. I am not sure what that precise level would be but for all taxes, there is an optimum level to gain the maximum benefit. Governments have been struggling for centuries to determine what the exact tax level should be in order for it to benefit the most.

  • And that is zero.

    Yes, I think that there is an optimum Tobin tax level for all currency pairs, and that is that there should not be any tax. Taxing currency exchanges only makes fewer people interested in exchanging currency. This stunts the economies of both countries involved. Without the tax, governments and businesses would be more freely able to do business with each other.

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