• Adult Sexting is wrong

    It is my opinion that adult sexting should not be accepted by society. I feel that sending any type of picture of video that depicts explicit adult content is a risky endeavor because the safety of that content cannot be guaranteed, and the likelihood of a minor coming into contact with such content is too high to allow such behavior.

  • Sexting is wrong outside of marriage.

    Adult sexting is wrong. Outside of marriage, any sexually-related activity is wrong. If a person isn't committed to another person, they do not have the other person's best interests at heart. Sexting can be harmful to a person because they might perceive it to mean more than it really does.

  • People can do what they like

    There's nothing wrong with it- if two adults wish to engage in sexting that's their personal business. The only 2 problems I would point out are 1: there's always the risk that one or both parties might reveal the conversation/pictures (if any are sent) to others, which could cause embarrassment. 2: Personally, I think it's wrong to sext someone else if you are in a relationship, because it implies you are contemplating cheating. And even if you aren't, it would hurt the other person if they found out

  • No, there's nothing wrong with adult sexting.

    No, there is nothing wrong with adult sexting. While it isn't something that I do myself, I think that as long as its being doen by two consenting adults, I do not see anything wrong with it. I think that it's just a new form of phone sex except with texts.

  • I Assume Not

    I personally don't see a problem with adult sexting, but as an adult, I would never be involved with it. Given the revelations of Edward Snowden and the leaks regarding the collection of digital information from private devices I am far less likely to conduct any personal business on the phone, especially if it includes pictures of me.

  • No, I don't think there is anything wrong with adult sexting.

    I think adults should be free to be able to type sexual messages to whoever they are in a relationship with, I think that as long as the messages are going to someone who wishes to receive them and enjoys them it's fine, I think it's harassment to send a sexual message to someone not interested.

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