Do you think there is something else after death? If so, what?

Asked by: Kabu
  • I definitely believe there is more to life.

    If we look at life logically and see that on the grand scale that your life is literally a blink of an eye there would be no logic to live if only to succumb to death and what matters than of what you did if you never really existed in the first place? Why bother to live if you are not really real? If you are nothing more than a composite of atoms and just living to survive? It's hard to think that way because you have essence beyond your physical, beyond your mental and so you are desired and inclined to think beyond- if we weren't then there would be no need for this desire and so we would have none because all it would do is compel us to search for something that doesn't exist and waste our "life" which goes against the logic of our own existence if we were simply living and have no other life after we die.

  • Yes there is

    After death there is mourning from the ones who care. After death people establish the cause of death. After death there is a nice, big casket and gravestone or vase and label or whatever other silly thing that will happen with the remains. After death there is finally peace and quiet. After death life goes on, but the dead person is not physically part of it.

  • Why would there be?

    I mean really, it's not like life is just a line you wait in until death so you can go elsewhere. Life is grand and beautiful because it is limited to just this. But if you ask me we live in an infinitely expanding universe with billions of things to see discover and be amazed by, so why isn't that enough for people?

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