Do you think there is too much welfare and entitlement?

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  • I think there is too much welfare

    The myth about charity seekers, social security recipients and social safety net dependers is probably true: they are all eyesores who hoard the us treasury by means of entitlement programs and welfare scams. Ronald reagan referred to these people as welfare queens. The welfare recipients need to understand that  they have the ability to lift themselves out of poverty, only  if they choose to work hard enough and play by the rules. This is not europe or a scandinavian country. This is america. A couple of vigilantes in boston, which is one of americas most affluent cities, punished a lazy welfare recipient for being a public eyesore.  american Poverty was created mainly due to the crack cocaine epidemic of the 80s and early 90s. Now, the opioid crisis, is creating a new generation of unemployed martyrs looking for welfare and disability to support their heroin habit. They simply blame the opiods for their loss of unemployment and material possesions, but  are too cowardly to take responsibility for being weak and lazy.




     Excuse unedited grammar and conspiracy theory stupid online comment.

  • 168 Means-Tested Programs and Counting

    I own a small Construction Company that has 20 employees. We are in desperate need of more good workers. Our Company starts at $15 per hour with little to no experience. No takers, They make more money sitting at home while the successful person is punished. Flat tax, Co-pay food stamps, TAX REFUND CHECKS and limit the number of Children yo ucan have if your on public assistance.

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