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  • Everyone else is getting paid why not the athletes

    College athletics is big business. Some coaches and athletic directors get paid big bucks for their jobs. Athletic organizations negotiate multimillion dollar contracts with the television networks. Money based on the exertions of college athletics. College athletics is sordid. The players are exploited for the benefit of networks, coaches, athletic directors, and athletic organizations. The college athlete needs someone advocating for them. College athletes deserve a union.

  • Yes, college athletes should have a union

    It is a fallacy that many college athletes are considered amateur. The NCAA resembles a cartel in the manner with which it exerts a stranglehold over college athletics. These student athletes risk their health and the institutions get paid for the work of these unpaid athletes. These students should be allowed a union to protect themselves and earn a share of the billions of dollars being generated at their expense.

  • Yes, there should be a union to represent college athletes

    College athletes are employees that make millions of dollars for the school that is on there jersey. However, some sports are very dangerous and require benefits and guarantees because sports like football is an occupational hazard. Therefore, there needs to be a representing body of people that look out for college athletes so they are taken care of through injury, and possibly make money of them because they are making no money in a model that makes billions.

  • They get enough.

    No, I do not think that there should be a union for college athletes, because they have so much privilege the way it is. They already get free college education, free academic tutoring, and after four years of playing football, they are given degrees for barely having to show up to class.

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