Do you think there should be an age restriction on abortion?

Asked by: fawny
  • No, There shouldn't

    There should never be an age restriction to abortion because many teens in the world are getting pregnant and there is nothing to do with the babies if the family doesn't want the baby. Of course you can put it up for adoption, but that costs money. That is why I think this idea is wrong.

  • Freedom of sexuality, and child rape.

    While I normally take the stance of "children need to take responsibility for their actions", that view stops at sex. Sex is a probably the second most primitive action next to eating/drinking. People will almost always want to have sex, and for a young teenager who is going though puberty, that 'want' to have sex is nearly at it's strongest, and unlike everything else that a person should take responsibility for, pregnancy is so life-altering, that it would be a cruel and unusual punishment to force a teenager to cope with parenthood at that age. Sex is not something that needs to be cherished, but it is something that everyone should be allowed to do as freely as they want without worry of consequences unless that is what they want, as only then will the consequences be worth the risk.

    Secondly, if there was an age restriction, then that means that if a young teenager gets raped (or even a smaller child) and as a result of the rape, gets pregnant, then that teenager would be forced to be a parent under the most unwanted circumstances.

    Therefore, for the reasons of sexual freedoms, and child rape, there should be no age restriction on abortions.

  • No I Don't

    Unfortunately, this would not help. I am sad to say that the problem is bigger that this. Need to Have a society that places a higher value on human life not one that feels it is a choice. This is not a problem of age, it is a problem of being irresponsible.

  • Of course not!

    Should a child/woman who gets impregnated and does not feel ready to raise a child, then she should very much have the right to abort the foetus. For those of you who say murder, why dim a child's future over a mistake that can be reversed? Moreover, if she is incapable, who's to say the new baby would have a well-rounded childhood? If she's not ready then she is not responsible enough to raise the child, obviously. Being a mother is a huge responsibility. You must have passion and commitment. That is not something a person who isn't ready would have.

  • If you can't trust them with abortion...

    How can you trust them with almost a year of being forced to go through something that puts their entire life at risk in order to punish them for sex, then make them try and raise the result of said forced pregnancy or be able to find the resources to adopt out? How can you be certain that they would be emotionally, physically, and/or mentally capable of being able to do any of that?

  • What would the reason be?

    The argument I hear the most against abortion is that you "kill an innocent child", how is it somehow better if this is done by a 30 year old than by a 15 year old? On the other hand an unwanted child has a much larger potential to ruin the life/future of a teenager than a 30 year old, while said teenager also has a much harder time taking care of and providing for said child.

  • What would the reason be?

    The arguments against abortions are generally that you "kill an innocent child", is this somehow better to do if you are 30 than 15? I fail to see that. On the other hand an unwanted child has a far greater potential of ruining the life of a teenager than an adult, not to mention that a teenager will have a far harder time taking care of and providing for said child as well.

  • It is for emergency

    If someone is willing to have an abortion, it is a last option. Nobody wants to have an abortion but if need edit should be available to anyone. If someone younger than 18 needs an abortion, then why could they be prevented. It reduces the chance of children being born to unprepared parents.

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