• Yes, online sales are also subject to sales tax.

    The trend lately has been to buy everything from online. There are some exceptions like produce and meat, but even those items are available. Its just not a viable option quite yet. So how does the government get its cut? Many online retailers subvert the tax system by being based in countries or even states that do not have sales tax. The system has adapted and made the purchaser responsible for her own sales tax dependent on her state. This is to try to balance online competition with local competition.

  • It is one of the more fair taxes.

    Yes, I think there should be an online sales tax, because if we do not tax online sales, there will be taxes on other things. Sales tax is one of the most fair taxes, because the people who have higher incomes will buy more so they will pay more tax. They will have to make up online sales taxes some other way.

  • No, tax are bad

    There should not be taxes online since it will affect companies and users at the same time. It would also make shopping online difficult for users to decide to choose an item or not. And one more thing, who likes paying taxes? No one. (except the government of course!)
    Thx for all people that said no!

  • No, there should definitely not be an online sales tax.

    Brick and mortar stores are losing business to online stores.States took a look at the increasing online sales and came to the conclusion they were losing too much tax revenue, so they implemented the online sales tax. This is just another unnecessary tax to burden the American taxpayer. If the online store does not have a physical presence in your state, how do you manage to justify charging sales tax on the purchases from that store?

  • Trying to kill online

    Online sales tax would try to kill online sales businesses - something that is both counter productive and counter intuitive. It is true that there is no reason to put a sales tax on things online other than for greed of taxes and for defense of entrenched businesses that are physical.

  • No, the internet is a free place.

    The internet is a free place for people to openly do many things. An online sales tax would infringe on the freedom in which is the internet. We are taxed enough through our daily lives enough as it is, if more were to be added just for purchasing good via the internet. it would just be to much.

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