• Yes, cyber crimes should have harsher penalties.

    The penalties for cyber crimes need to be toughened. The way it stands right now if you rob a bank of $5,000 with a gun you get a minimum sentence of 10 years behind bars. You rob the same bank of $10,000,000 using a computer the minimum sentence is 5 years and you can be given probation or home arrest.

  • Yes, the judicial system is having difficulties keeping up with technology.

    In my opinion, the penalties for cyber crimes is not sufficient. In many cases it is seen as a victimless crime, but the victims are all too real. These crimes have a lasting impact on their victims. Many people have taken their lives as a result of the cyber bulling, and their bullies are given a minor reprimand. Their actions lead to some ones death, the same way that a drunk driver who causes a fatal motor vehicle accident, has caused some ones death.

  • Yes there should be

    The only way to crack down on cyber crimes is to make harsher penalties. The penalties as they are is not enough to deter criminals. This will probably only help with crimes committed by United States residents, but at least it is a start. There needs to be stiff jail time for these crimes.

  • Yes, There Should be Harsher Penalties for Cyber Crimes

    Committing a cyber crime is that of invasion of privacy and/or stealing. However, these crimes are committed through a manner in which the person that is being affected by the crime has no idea it is happening until it is too late. They have no opportunity to prepare and protect themselves. Those who commit these crimes should face harsh penalties to know that they can no longer hide behind the faces of their computers to steal identities and commit fraud.

  • The judicial system is already giving out harsh penalties.

    Well, I wouldn't necessarily consider it as something "harsh" but back in the 1990s hackers who were found guilty for cyber crime were disallowed from touching their computer until they were thirty or even forty, and years of imprisonment has been added as well. It really depends on the crime.

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