• Without a doubt

    I'm gonna put it the same way that I put my argument for homosexuality and abortion. When it comes to me and my life I'm a Bible Belt judeo-Christian conservative but when it comes to everyone else I'm a liberal. I can't and don't want to control what others do and with that understanding everything needs to be as liberal as possible so that people can make their own decisions. If some believes in te Buddhist philosophy but not the religion great for them. As long as no one is shoving their beliefs down my throat I am in complete agreement with their right to practice their fat has they choose. However, once they include me I feel that they accept that I can add stipulations, like slamming a door in the face of a Jehovah's Witness.

  • Religion Is Humankind's Crutch

    While I agree with the oppositions negative view on religion, the fact is that religion has existed for milienia. When there have been dark days, people have turned to religion to help them through it. It is the believe that helps people function in their everyday life. Many, if they did not have religion, would have turned to killing and barbarianism long ago. In comparison, it is much like a positive behavior system. "If you aren't a bad person now, then when you die you will get many rewards". The best way to explain it is Patton Oswalt's "Sky Cake". Here is the link: http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=55h1FO8V_3w

  • We need something other than real

    I dont really have a religion or pray or anything. I go to a cathilic school but my parents are persian muslims, though they arent that religious either. But i think that faith is somehow a good recreation. Sometimes you need to believe that there is a god to make yourself feel better and get through life

  • Why Not Have Religion?

    Why do we fight over religion. People killing other religions to what? Make them feel better? We should have the right to have religion and worship our own God. Really in the constitution it says that we have the right to our own religion which means that we should stand up for our rights.

  • We all should have religion

    Just imagine a world without religion! Many people will do a lot of bad things to other people and this world will be a chaos, if u see japanese, they dont have religion and what happen? The country is becoming the most people that does suicide, so we all can see that we need reigion

  • Changes changes changes

    A world without god is a world of truth.People satisfied with the word of god(even if it might not be the truth) will never go farther than that and will never be more than god wants them to be.That results in a primitive world.Atheism is a result of evidence and evidence is a result of a human wish for changes.

  • Religion has caused too much calamity

    After all humanity has been through, a lot of our darker history derives from the beliefs of our religions that cause us to turn on one another and commit the worst of atrocities, and for what? Because "god(s)" or the "holy scripture" said certain peoples aren't worthy of existence? The great enmity resonating within our society today still remains evident, even after all the worst points in humanity such as the Holocaust. You'd think something like that would make people stop and think of the cruelty they impose unto those their common faith opposes, but no, they still persist.
    If it weren't for the corruption people have brought into the religions most follow, we would be living in a world full of more acceptance towards minorities of our world. It is too late to revert now, for humanity is forever scarred and set on a path to imminent doom that we only augment through our own prejudice.

  • A world without religion...

    I think people who want to believe in religion can continue to follow it. But however, to this day, and all throughout history we see the various conflicts religion has started. Branding certain beliefs as 'Religion' gives people a label. I believe in God, but I also believe that God would never want to see people fighting the way they do today. This is a world where everyone lives together, with us Human beings being the only species who can think Rationally. All religions hold peace in their meaning, and they all lead to one superior being. God. When they all have that in common, and are connected in some ways why do we bother with the labels? Why not follow the customs, beliefs and pray the way we want to without labeling ourselves. I believe we can only achieve world peace if religious labels cease to exist. God loves us all, so no matter how we choose to pray at the end of the day we are only Human.

  • No!! I would be much happier without it

    Certainly all false religion should not exist. It causes harm, control, fear, murder and more more damage. The world would be much peaceful without religion. It is damaging the world, and is also costing the world a lot of money. Personally religion has ruined the world and I would love it never existed.

  • Read the argument

    I think that believing in religion is okay for people who feel strongly about it, but you have to count the facts, not every religion that exists can be real. Two religions can support different theories so who is right and who is wrong? Humans I think need the assurance of someone watching over them to guide them through hard times a decisions, I admit, I have talked to god when I breakdown and it does comfort me, which supports my point. Remember we study those who worship hades and Zeus, so what's stopping the current religions dying out and then we get studied, but those who think 'I wonder what religion they believed in'. Because they will have other religions and feel as strongly about them as some of us do about ours.

  • The world would be a better place without religion and being human

    Say no to religion say no to religion say no to religion say no to religion say no to religion say no to religion say no to religion say no to religion say no to religion say no to religion say no to religion say no to religion say no to religion

  • The world would be a better place without religion and being human

    Say no to religion say no to religion say no to religion say no to religion say no to religion say no to religion say no to religion say no to religion say no to religion say no to religion say no to religion say no to religion say no to religion

  • No Religions needed.

    Jesus did not have a religion, Jehovah did not have a religion. No other God or Son of God had a religion. Why should we have a religion? God made men, men made religion. I believe in God not in men. This is why I think no religion is needed.

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