Do you think there should be two versions of Debate.Org(One for politics and one for goofing off)?

Asked by: Ariesx
  • Different Crowds Want Different Debates

    I personally love Debate.Org, but there are way too many crowds that have there own debates that are more appealing to their own genre. For example, I went on Debate.Org, and the lest was full of debates like which one is better: Xbox or PS4. This alienates us political debaters, and makes want to go to a different site.

  • Who will pay for it?

    Not you, right? Exactly.

    So I have forty-six words left which is a bugger because that means I have to come up with a way to produce forty-six words and honestly I am not in the mood if you know what I mean? I only needed four words to win.

  • Not everyone cares much for politics, and this is NOT goofing off!!

    In the case of one for politics and goofing off, not everyone cares about politics. Also, I 'm a kid and I go here to practice opinions. Kids do NOT care for politics. As for goofing off, there is way more opinions here that isn't politics or goofy. I guess you would consider this goofing off? You would consider homework being banned goofy? And what about banning guns, religious topics other school topics, etc?!?! I guess you'd call those goofy too!! We NEED all these topics!!

    And don't you DARE call me just a kid!!! 😡

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-05-24T09:13:13.437
Why must debate be about politics?