Do you think there was a worldwide flood at some point in the past?

Asked by: Flippenout
  • It is possible.

    There have been numerous stories from different cultures that portray this phenomenon. There's the biblical story of Noah and the Ark, a Babylonian legend with striking similarities to this story, and even flood tales from South America, Africa, Northwest India, and so on.

    These tales could have been based on oral traditions from the time when the Ice Age began to recede and melt. But there is no concrete evidence.

  • Fossils show probably not

    If there were a worldwide flood we would expect animals that are drowning to well, swim. If animals like this were to swim wouldnt we expect to look into say the grand canyon and see mixing between fossiles and the ages of fossiles. We would expect to see animals like woolly mammoths and sabre tooth tigers in one part of the canyon (obviously not the grand canyon but you get the point) mixed in with species of a much later or earlier evolutionary time like the time that dinosaurs existed (again not this exact scenario but again you get the point) if anything like a biblical flood were to happen we also no that neither matter cannot be created nor destroyed. So in theory we should have either an entire earth of water yet we dont only about 70% of the earths surface is covered in water. In all a biblical flood is highly unlikely as well as a worldwide flood

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