• Al Qaeda Attacks Everywhere

    I think it is difficult to tell where an Al Qaeda attack will take place. Al Qaeda is an opportunistic radical group. The Ivory Coast attacks have certainly brought them back into the spotlight, but it is unclear whether attacking this area will remain in their best interest. In the past, they have aimed at more advantageous locations with larger western influence.

  • Yes, I believe there will be more Al Qaeda attacks on the Ivory Coast.

    Yes, I believe there will be more Al Qaeda attacks on the Ivory Coast because the terrorist organization is growing and sending its personnel to different locations all over the world to launch more attacks. Al Qaede's goal is to make the world feel uneasy and on edge, and they will continue to launch attacks in order to reach their goal.

  • Disturbing World Peace

    If not just the Ivory Coast, more "stable" areas that are claimed to be safe from the civil war in the country. They are trying to gain attention towards their cause worldwide and what better way to do it than attack where foreign tourists come to vacation. It makes sense that attacking people from other countries would grab the attention of those countries.

  • There probably will be more attacks

    I think there will probably be more attacks by Al Qaeda. I don't know enough about it to predict whether they will be on the Ivory Coast, but I suspect that Al Qaeda is not finished with their dangerous and terrifying attacks on the world, and will likely attack again.

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