Do you think there will be more (yes) or less (no) ageism when Baby Boomers get older?

  • Yes, I think there will be even more ageism when Baby Boomers get older

    Ageism is getting worse every year. Younger people are less patient now than in years past and as they age they will have less patience with the problems older people cause. Younger people are less inclined to believe in delayed gratification, they are more of the I-want-it-now mindset. They will not see the benefit of putting money into programs like Social Security when you have to wait an interminably long time to get it back. Programs geared towards the elderly like Social Security will soon have to fight to keep funding as younger voters make decisions that move the funding into other areas of more benefit to themselves.

  • There will be more.

    There will be more ageism when Baby Boomers get older because there is great focus on being young right now. This trend will probably continue into the future. It is getting harder and harder to find a job if you are older. Also, the younger generations tend to look down at older people.

  • I think there will be less.

    Ageism is annoying and it has been around since the dawn of mankind, but I think in the United States the amount that takes place might dip when the Baby Boomer generation gets older. People are realizing that ageism is nothing but mild discrimination and largely irrelevent to a variety of topics.

  • The sheer numbers will create normalcy

    One of the main causes of ageism is unfamiliarity with or a lack of relationship with older groups of person. With the sheer number of baby boomers people will be associated with the older generations so often that they will identify with them rather than stereotype and discriminate against them.

  • No, Don't think age discrimination is a factor

    I do not think that more elderly should sue for different
    age issues, unless they are warranted of course. If someone is clearly
    in the wrong, then of course you can, be as a country we have become
    very litigious and we need to scale back a little bit. I think not.

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