Do you think they will still be making hard copy books by 2018?

Asked by: WhiteCollarSnob
  • Definitely a yes

    It is most likely that more people will be using ebooks or copy book resources on to their electronic devices in the near future and more companies will try to adopt soft copy books , but they will still be making hard copy books. Ebooks are not popular in demand from where i come from and access to electricity is unreliable. Most of the older generations that i know of don't particularly like to rely on electronic devices and prefer to read it hard-copy. People in general, still need to rely hard-copy books to store resources incase they have no access to electricity or their electronic devices. No matter how environmental friendly or cost effiecient soft copy books are, companies will still produce hard copy books as long as there is demand for it. Honestly from my view, hard copy books are still essential no matter how well-off a person is or how developed the world will be in the future.

  • I sure hope so

    One of the greatest things about paper books is that they can last almost forever. If technology changes we may not be able to keep our old e-books, but you can always have your paper books. If paper books are gone by 2018 how will people people 100 years from then read our literature and learn from it? My grandfather kept a lot of his favorite books. It was amazing to read them and know that he read them when he was my age so many years before. You cant pass down ebooks!

  • Yes they will

    Having the actual copy of the book is better then the eBook because some people like me like collecting things and displaying it and with eBooks you can not do it. Even though eBooks may be more convenient hard cover books will always be my favorite choice because I love collecting things.

  • Why would they?

    Despite being sad about this fact, I think its realistic to say that as technology advances, and the crises of environmental disaster, there will be less need and want for paper hard cover books. Instead, we will have much more efficient and environmentally approved ways for reading, and they allow you to connect to other thing while reading, so more people will find this much more helpful for school

  • Too much of a hassle

    People find it easier to sit at home on their tablets and smartphones and download eBooks and audio books. People are going to stop wanting to go to the library or bookstore to get the books. As sad as it may be, its kind of the truth. Why keep making things that people are too lazy to go out and get, or wait for in the mail?

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