Do you think think the death threats made to 2NE1's rapper CL were fair for having a supposed verse of the Quran in it?

Asked by: Williams.Kay
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  • If you follow the same logic, every rap song that had the word "god" or "Jesus" in it, the singer should be stoned to death...

    I understand that it may have offended you and why it may have offended you, I'm not ignorant, but I just don't see why you must make death threats to a person who is only being paid to rap a song, and keep in mind that she did not even sing whatever it was that may possibly be out of the Quran. I dont believe such a violent culture should get an apology with the way they have been acting so far with the death threats, if you had peacefully stated your argument and forced YG to acknowledge your plight they probably would have apologized and this entire argument would have been resolved and over with. They took out the part from the damn song already, and if I where you, I would be grateful for that because they did not have to. If anything I think CL deserves the apology for all of the threats on her life for a two second clip of something that may have not been in the Quran in the first place. 

  • Death threats just show a pitiful image of Islam.... I know it is a beautiful religion you are spoiling it's name by using death threats.

    CL is not a muslim and also hardly any of the Koreans are muslim so I don't understand why you expect CL or YG to know the using the Quran is offensive. Even I didn't know and I have many muslim friends. Also I am pretty sure that if the Muslim representatives would have talked about the issue with YGE then together they would have come to some acceptable conclusion but because of the death threats YG was forced to protect CL. Even I wouldn't be willing to apologise to those people who threatened to kill one of my family members.
    I agree CL and YGE messed up by using the Quran but death threats is definitely the bigger sin here.

  • She isn't Muslim anyway.

    So what's the problem? Yes, Muslims make a massive deal against music, but that shouldn't cover the conduct of so-called infidels. Sure they will supposedly go to hell for it, but they're no doubt headed for hell anyway on many other offenses, like not believing in one God Whose prophet is Muhammad, not praying five times a day, not giving to the poor, not fasting on Ramadan and not going to Mecca, and so are many well-intentioned Muslims. Besides, the idea that Islam forbids music is unclear in the first place.

  • CL is a goddess

    She was being respectful by using those lyrics she even praised the beauty of them. I'm not quite sure why people would be offended by the use of their religion in a song that became popular so quickly. Isn't it sharing parts of a religion? Isn't that the point of religion?

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