• Thiomersal Should Be Banned by the FDA

    Even though the opinion seems to be that thiomersal is safe, if other agencies disagree with that line of thought, I feel it is better to be safe than sorry. Mercury is a powerful element, that may react differently in different people. If not a lot is known about mercury or how it reacts in humans, it should be banned. That shouldn't preclude its use by an independent panel of scientists testing its effects on the environment and human body . If it is found to be harmless the ban can be lifted.

  • Yes it should

    Yes, I do think that this should be banned by the FDA. It is a very bad thing to have in food or drugs, and we would be a lot better off if they would just go ahead and take it out of everything that it is currently in today.

  • Thiomersal is ok

    Thiomersal should not be banned by the FDA. Many studies have shown that it can be beneficial to the patients that it is intended to help. There have been studies that show the negative effects of the drug, but those studies are not widespread. There needs to be additional testing before a final decision is made.

  • Thiomersal is not dangerous in some forms.

    Thiomersal was removed from child immunizations due to allegations that it was unsafe. In the immunizations, the results are inconclusive as to the safety of the product used in this manner. However, the product still has other uses that are not covered in controversy. The FDA can limit the use of thiomersal to those situations and continue tests to establish whether it is safe or not for child immunizations off of a small tax on the sales for the other uses. That is, if the company wants to pursue the child immunization viability.

  • No, it should not be.

    I see no reason and no scientific evidence as to why thiomersal should be banned by the FDA. The FDA does a lot of foolish things and blocks a lot of research from taking place, but they have acted correctly here. If evidence mounts against thiomersal, then it should be banned.

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