Do you think this lunch lady should have been fired for giving a hungry student a free lunch?

  • Yes. She have no rights to GIVE away free lunches

    Yes, she should be fired. It is not her job to GIVE away free lunches. She is however free to PAY for those hungry children lunches. Furthermore, she could have gave them chesse sandwich which I believe she is allowed to do. She could have also informed the principal whom could have called the child's parents. She choose not to do any of the above.

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  • She Should Not Have Been Fired

    The lunch lady should not be fired as she did what any decent caring human being would do and help out a hungry child. This lady in fact should be rewarded. If you are teaching kids in the school to learn to be kind and sharing what's the point in firing the the lunch lady for doing being exactly that.

  • She should not

    She definitely should not have been fired. She was doing what she thought was morally right. She should not have been fired for helping a hungry student. I don't even see why this is up for debate. Would we rather have the kid go hungry? What she did was absolutely right.

  • No I disagree

    No one should ever be fired for giving a hungry child a free lunch. I understand rules are in place for a reason but some rules obviously are meant to be broken. No hungry child should be denied the ability to eat - no human should be denied the ability to eat.

  • She is kind to give

    Being a merciful person is a righteous act and it should be honoured and respected. Even though the lunch lady violated the rules of being a lunch lady, she did the right thing to give a hungry child a lunch. Whoever is in that situation would possibly do the same thing as the lunch lady. So, the lunch lady should not be fired because of that.

  • If this were 20 years ago it wouldn't be a question.

    Things have obviously changed when this is even up for debate. It's human decency to give someone food when they are hungry. She should probably be rewarded rather than punished. If society is now contemplating punishing charitable acts then we are soon in for a wild ride. Nobody is likely to enjoy it much.

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