Do you think Tibet's 3 million inhabitants should be independent and free of Chinese rule?

  • Tibet for Tibetan

    Tibet and Tibetan is a unique people having its own identity, culture, religion, tradition and way of life. Tibetan have a very strong history of their own and with all civilization. Tibetan being a Buddhist people, the very water reservoir of the world half population would be safer with them in terms of world's benefit.

  • Yes, they ha a different culture.

    Tibet people are different from the Chinese they live different lives. The Tibetans still living in the old fashion way and they do not seem to support the industrial requisition that china imputes on them. Plus, the Tibetans have a different culture from the Chinese. I hope that one day everyone will have the opportunity to live their lives the way they want to.

  • Yes, self-determination is important

    It is widely reported that Tibet's citizens have been subjected to harsh treatment by their government in far-off Beijing. While opinion polls are not necessarily available, I think it's reasonable to assume that Tibetans would prefer self-rule. If a population no longer wants to be part of their broader government, they should have the freedom to make that determination.

  • Yes, Tibet's inhabitants should be independent from Chinese rule.

    Yes, Tibet's inhabitants should be independent from Chinese rule because they are not truly a part of China as a country. They are just lumped together because past history territorial rule made it so. But they function very much on there own other then having to follow the Chinese rule that represses the inhabitants. Eventually they will fight for their freedom.

  • They are too different.

    Yes, I think that Tibet's 3 million inhabitants should be independent and free of Chinese rule, because Tibet is strong enough to be independent. The region has a large population. They are very different culturally than the rest of China. Without independence, it will be hard for the region to have lasting peace.

  • Free Tibet now

    If there is any place that needs its freedom, that place is Tibet. With all the people lighting themselves on fire, and all of the horrible sacrifice, it's about time. The Chinese government needs to do what is right here and give the Tibetan people the freedom they rightfully deserve.

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