Do you think Title IX helped (yes) or harmed (no) equal rights for women?

  • It Has Helped

    I believe Title IX has helped further equal rights for women, but it has not changed some male perspectives on the situation. I think women have a long way to go before they find their place in the world and garner real equality but the difference is much smaller now than it has been in the past.

  • I think Title IX mostly helped equal rights

    I think Title IX mostly helped advance the cause of gender equality. Title IX opened up a lot of educational opportunities for women. It's easy to see how extending educational opportunity will invariable lead to greater equality. Before title IX there weren't as many women getting athletic scholarships in this country.

  • Yes, I think it helped

    I think it was a move in the right direction and has come along way since 1972. The move in the right direction has allowed on paper the right to an equal education,but we all know that might be different in real world environments. The country is getting to be a better place,but it still needs to come a lot further.

  • Title IX helped equal rights for women.

    Title IX helped equal rights for women. Suddenly, with its passage, female athletic programs in middle and high schools had the same amount of funding as the male programs did. Equipment was improved for women. Training spaces were improved. Coaching staff was improved. Title IX changed the future of women's sports.

  • Participating in subsidized activities is not a right

    People get what is and what is not a right mixed up far too often. Simply ask "At whose expense" (-Ayn Rand) to determine if something is a right or not. Since title IX makes it illegal for education facilities receiving federal money to discriminate on the basis of sex, title IX is unconnected to the issue of "rights" and therefore does not advance the rights of anyone, female or otherwise. Indeed, a right cannot be "advanced" unless it did not exist in the first place.

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