• Yes, of course his comments were outrageous.

    Todd Akin's comments in defense of his anti-abortion stance were certainly outrageous, but they were insidious as well. People focused on his claim that women's bodies can shut down getting pregnant when they are raped. Most people found that to be absurd, but the point he was really making was that women who claim to have been raped had actually engaged in consensual sex if the act resulted in a pregnancy. This is the type of "you know you wanted it" argument that is a double slam against women.

  • Todd Akin's abortion comments were outrageous.

    I believe that Todd Akin's comments on the topic of abortion were outrageous and hurtful. He claimed that doctors that perform abortions trick women into getting them and that legitimate rape victims can shut down the process of being pregnant. I believe that this is very wrong. A woman cannot stop the process of becoming pregnant, whether she consented or not.

  • Yes, they were outrageous

    Todd Akin is one of the most horrible right wing figures I have ever seen rise to prominence in America. He defines a certain fringe in the United States that somehow got seats in the House of Representatives--the Tea Party. Almost everything the man says is completely outrageous and over the top.

  • To A Degree

    I think Todd Akin's infamous comments about abortion are somewhat outrageous. I think Todd Akin's is a good example of what is wrong with the abortion debate in the United States. Todd Akin has a lot of personal problems with abortion and because of that he feels everyone should follow his lead. In reality, abortion is a very personal matter. People shouldn't force their ideals upon others, but that is what Akin wants to do and generally when people are that forceful they end up saying things that make no sense at all.

  • Misguided, but not outrageous.

    No, I do not think that Todd Akin's infamous comments about abortion were outrageous, because he honestly believed the things that he said. He was honestly not meaning to offend anyone, just to engage in a discussion about abortion and government policies. I believe that his comments were wrong, but his intention was okay.

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