• Yes, I think Tony Blair's faith is truly Christian.

    Overall I think Tony Blair faith is Christian, I think the media in an effort to create controversy took some out of context quotes and tried to make it sound like he was not Christian when he really was, I think there is no reason to believe he is not a Christian when he plainly states that he is.

  • Most British people are.

    Yes, I think that Tony Blair's faith is truly Christian, because most people in the United Kingdom are Christian. England has its roots in Christian tradition, and it makes sense that Blair would be Christian along with everybody else. He also participates in a lot of charity activities, which show his Christian character.

  • Tony Blair's Interfaith Foundation Proves It

    Tony Blair's faith truly follows Christian principles of loving your neighbor as yourself. His Faith Foundation espouses the needs of various religious faiths to get along rather than blow each other up. Blair should open more offices of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation in places like Israel, Palestine and Egypt in order to preach religious tolerance and love, much like Jesus did 2,000 years ago.

  • Yes, I do think so

    I think he has helped a lot of people with a lot of issues, mainly children and other needy. That is the main functions of Christianity. You need to help the others that can not help themselves. If you think its for political gain, its not in Blairs nature,but I don't know him.

  • He says what they want to hear

    Tony Blair is first and foremost a politician, and like any politician, he says whatever it is he needs to say in order to win the hearts of the people. His country is mainly Christian, he has to play the really strong Christian card in order to keep the people on his side and liking him so they do not go against him and his policies.

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