• Yes,I think Tony Blair's wardrobe is fashionable.

    Yes,I think Tony Blair's wardrobe is fashionable.He is always dressed nicely and professional enough to deal with both foreigners and countryman.At the same time his looks say he means business and won't take anything off of anyone.He makes a good example for his fellow country in ways they should present themselves.

  • Yes, Tony Blair's waredrobe is cutting edge

    Tony Blair is dressed by professionals who know what the modern, acceptable looks are for today’s high profile political figures. Tony Blair always appears publicly in high quality suits made with fine quality threads by designer agencies. His fashionable look enhances his creditably and professionalism in the eyes of the discerning public. The clothes really do make the man.

  • Tony Blair is Fashionable

    Tony Blair is rather fashionable, especially since he is a middle aged man. He dresses with a modern style that is appropriate for a man his age and of his position. The British press usually puts alot of their focus on the styles of European leaders so it is important for him to dress well.

  • A famous man

    Yes, I do think that his wardrobe is pretty fashionable, and since he is a famous man he has the money to only wear clothes from high end stores and designers. The clothes that he wears makes him look a lot better than he actually is, just because they are expensive.

  • No, Tony Blair's wardrobe is not fashionable.

    No, Tony Blair's wardrobe is not fashionable, but just overrated. When it comes to what people find fashionable, it deals with wardrobes the people really would like to wear or have the accessories. I do not know of anyone who would be willing to wear any of Tony Blair's wardrobe. It is high priced and famous because of the name but overall falls flat.

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