Do you think too many hate crime cases are being overlooked and misrepresented?

  • Also in the black community, the source of grievance is often confused

    Why are Germans, Italians, Spanish, Irish, English, Asians blamed for what the Scots-Irish and Danes did? I believe their source of anger is misguided and often against the wrong people. It doesn't excuse hatred towards them. I just believe knowing the right source of anger will help to open a dialouge.

  • Yes too many hate crimes are not being properly prosecuted

    In the current political environment far too many violent crimes that are in fact hate crimes are not being properly prosecuted. With the current President of the United States being African American there are many cases where the motivating factor in the crime are based upon the race of one or both parties that are not prosecuted as hate crimes for fear of political backlash by all the races involved.

  • Yes, hate crimes are definitely being overlooked.

    Yes, I believe that hate crimes are being overlooked, especially toward Christians and whites. Unfortunately, the past has defined much of what a hate crime is and it's hard to determine if a violent crime against a white person, for instance, is a hate crime. It should definitely be addressed though.

  • No, I don't think there are that many.

    No, I do not believe too many hate crimes are being overlooked or misrepresented. Usually when any crime occurs, the media is quick to question if it was in any way racially motivated. Hate crimes are such hot news items that I don't see how one could possibly be overlooked or misrepresented.

  • Hate Crimes Sensationalized

    It's really hard to judge about hate crimes, because most of what we see are sensationalized in the media. Crimes should be just judged the same. Crime wrong whether its being committed by some one of the same race or another race. We need to have strict laws for all crimes. It would help if the media would stop making every crime into a racism event. They sensationalize the crimes and it causes more people to commit crimes because they see it in the media. Some do it just to be famous, it would be better to keep it out of the media.

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