• Our dependance on medication

    There are many ways to deal with anxiety, but in our get it quick way of thinking, its easier to just take a pill. If we could take a closer look at what causes our anxiety, taking into consideration that we are all different, we may find suitable ways to cope without medication, Medications in themselves do have side effects which could cause more harm than good, and in the end just add to the problem that we are trying to solve in the first place. And sometimes medications can lead to unforeseen problems that may cause major damage in our lives.

  • Yes, too many people are taking anxiety medications.

    I think that there are way too many people taking anxiety medications. I think that there should be more research done in terms of the dangers and necessity of some of these drugs. I think a lot of people are being medicated for the sake of the profits of these medical drug companies.

  • Too many people are taking anxiety medications

    I do feel that too many people are taking anxiety medications. I am sure that the main culprit is a pharmaceutical industry that is determined to make every discomfort, or slight deviation from the norm a disorder, so that they can sell you a medication to treat the disorder, whether it's real or imagined.

  • Actually, not enough people are on those medications.

    No, I do not think that too many people are taking anxiety medications. Do you pay attention to what's going on in the world? Or how about what's happening right outside your front door? This is not a very joyful world we have right now. Anxiety is an appropriate response, but medication is often needed to moderate that response.

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