Do you think tough love is an effective method of correcting negative behavior?

  • Children need standards.

    Yes, I think that tough love is an effective method of correcting negative behavior, because children thrive when they standards. If children know what is expected of them, they are happy to comply. If the children know they can get away with things, they are happy to disobey their parents and break laws.

  • Yes It Is

    As a parent I have found that tough love is far better than coddling bad behaviors or trying to ignore them. Children tend to like structure and order and they test the limits to see where they lie, not to find out that there are no limits. My son has benefited from tough love and I believe it does help correct negative behaviors.

  • Yes, tough love is effective in correcting negative behavior.

    Yes, tough love is an effective method of correcting negative behavior. You cannot be a child's friend, you have to be the parent first. Too many people think that by being the child's friend they can make the child listen and do what they want. In reality, you have to be hard on them, give them discipline. A child follows by example. If you let them do something wrong or bad without correcting them they will keep doing it. Not enough people believe in spanking anymore. Spanking works as does consistent discipline.

  • It can sometimes be the only way to change someone.

    I think it is very much up to the individual situation as to whether tough love is a good idea, but I think there are plenty of situations where it can be very effective. Sometimes, a person cannot see the extent of how their negative behavior is affecting themselves, or others around them, they need the shock of tough love, to make them change.

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