• It isn't humanly natural

    Women and men have distinct features that make them who they are. When you look at transgender people, They don't look like one gender. They look like both genders, Which is just creepy. I am not saying that they shouldn't believe in who they are, I am just saying that they aren't pleasant to look at.

  • Ew ew and more ew

    Trans "women" are absolutely hideous abominations, Even after surgey and being pumped full of drugs they still look like what they really are, Men. It's unmistakable, Their jaw, Their broad shoulders it's so laughably evident that they are not real women. Honestly it would do both us and them a favor if we just euthanized them all so they wouldn't have to suffer under their delusions and normal people wouldn't have to deal with them.

  • They can be

    You know, Some are ugly, Some aren't. Though, Since they were born the opposite gender. Trans men for instance would tend to look more feminine then people who were born men and feminine men with week jawline look like Incels. Same goes for trans Females, They would tend to have more male facial features. Do you want to do a chick with a brow-ridge that you can clearly see.

  • They should just call them uglygender.

    They're so ugly in their biological gender that they're repulsed at their appearance to the point of adopting beauty standards not for fashion but for a mask. The transition between genders is just a mask for their ugliness and to give them an excuse to wear caked on makeup. The more expensive the surgeries and makeup the better the quality of the mask.

  • For their actual gender.

    I am talking about the gender they actually are and not the gender they claim to "identify" as. For instance, I am a normal straight male and find the ones born women (trans-male) are not attractive at all. They are without a doubt some of the ugliest women I have ever seen. My guess is that straight women would find the ones born male to be far less desirable than most other males.

  • No offense but yeah most are kind of

    They look weird to me and I may even call some ugly. This is because they are a gender trying to pass as the other gender so secondary sex characteristics will be reversed. So you will get a buff girl with an adams apple from a transgender. Its not transphobic to think some are not attractive. They should still be who they want to be just not force everybody to think they are beautiful

  • They just are!

    They’re injecting hormones into their bodies. . . That doesn’t mean you cannot tell they used to be (and biologically still are) their birth assigned gender. No matter how many surgeries and cosmetic changes they get, They will still look like their original birth assigned gender in some way or another. Trans people need some mental help instead of surgery!

  • Expecially the male to female ones

    Men and women are in two different beauty brackets so to put it.

    You don't put a bunny to run with a race horse and level the bunny by the race horses standard. I believe that male fashion is designed to help men look better. But when you toss out the helping crutch, And then grow your hair out and stetto race with the horses, You won't look as good as they do. They tend to just look like long haired men. And it's hard to call them she. I have to think hard. It's like playing a game of replace the word on zoom (old tv program) sooner or later you'll forget and be "out"
    Out of your league so to speak.

  • Frankenstein's assembly line

    The vast majority of them look like they have been assembled by dr Frankenstein, Especially the male the females. There is nothing feminin about the lot of them, Not even the ones like Blair White. Stop deluding yourselves because it's starting to become pitiful. And then we have some of them like "Jessica" Yaniv, Trying to sue people for not wanting to touch their female penises.

  • Unnatural and fake

    Some people are just born ugly, You live with it. Going trans though is unnatural. Surgery is used to deceive people.
    I mean with enough hormones and surgery you can make them look hotter but it is unnatural.

    How would you feel to be dating a 25 year old man with good hair? . Then he tells you he is older and he is bald and he had surgery and he was hiding his gut.

    That attractive girl? Its a dude who is trying to bamboozle you.
    Trans are dishonest to themselves and they lie to girls and guys.
    They are Infertile and you cannot have a child because they lied to you. They are ugly in the inside and therefore they are all ugly.

  • Everyone has the ability to be ugly.

    Not every trans person has the budget or genetics to reach some bombshell status that genetic women often feel they are unable to achieve. Anything can be done wrong from a certain point of view, Including transitioning genders.
    Now, Are trans people attractive or unattractive? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You do you. For reference Im a straight blue collar white dude.

  • It really depends on their transitioning process

    The thing is that it really depends on their transitioning process. As much as some, Or even a lot of people, Probably look conventionally unattractive, There are also a lot of instances where the transgender looks pretty much just the same group of people they want to transition to. If the surgery is botched, Then the outcome won't look good. But if it goes well, Then they'll look fine. Plus, Ugly is a very subjective thing as some people, For example, Might prefer tall noses over the big, Short ones whilst others may oppose. It really depends on the person whether or not the person is actually attractive.

  • Oy vey this is like another Shoah!

    Transphobia is antisemitic. All the prominent researchers for transgenderism and hormone therapy and sexual reassignment surgeries were Jews before Nazi Germany. The Hitler Youth set the progressive agenda back decades when they burnt research not only on transgenders but also homosexuality. It was like burning the Library of Alexandria. Nazis had pyres full of books many Jews were fond of like pedophilia and human psychology on incestual relations. If you don't like transgenders you're like a modern day Nazi. Oy vey!

  • Depends on their transition

    The more they transitions the more better they look. It's not that they don't look good before transitioning, It's that standards of that gender doesn't really apply to them while they are transitioning. It's a weird combination of female gender expressions but male features and vise versa, Male gender expressions but female features is what people may find is "unattractive". When they have transitioned they could be attractive or not just like everyone else in their gender, There's ugly cis males doesn't mean is cis males are ugly

  • Stop being transphobic

    I'm not transgender- i'll say that right off the bat so nobody can say i'm biased. Transgender people are not ugly, And frankly, The "yes" side arguments sound like an argument a child would make. Making your transgender appearance more "passable", You need to put in effort, Just like you need to do for beauty standards. For example, If you are MTF, Wearing feminine clothing, Growing out your hair, Going on estrogen, And even getting breast augumentation/bottom surgery are some of the things you might do to appear female. Do me a favor- look at Nikita Dragun's instagram page and ask yourself if she looks ugly. Then come back and refute my argument.

  • Trans people are NOT ugly!

    Transgender people aren't ugly! Some of the most beautiful people I know are trans. Take April Ashley. She was a restaurant hostess and a MODEL. She was outed as trans during her modeling career, So no one even knew she was trans. She was known before being outed only as a beautiful model. Gender identity doesn't even vaguely impact beauty.

  • Not in general

    Sometimes people are just ugly and transitioning won't change it. Ugly people tend to stick out like sore thumbs and become a memorable example in your mind which can lead to a false generalisation. For example, You'd be able to count how many ugly transgender people you see in a day. But the pretty ones that pass for their gender identity, Go right under your radar.

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