Do you think transitional kindergarten programs consider the specific developmental needs of 4-year-olds?

  • Yes, transitional kindergarten programs cater to the developmental needs of 4-year-olds?

    Kindergarten children have been growing up fine for years and the system works. As far as four year old children go it is the parents responsibility to raise up the child until the time the public school can take over. There is also the option of pre-school which is again the parents responsibilty.

  • Yes they are better than nothing

    The programs that we see across the United States of America are a good thing for are young students. It prepares them for what will happen to them in the future across their educational life. These students may perform better than those that do not go to these programs or other things.

  • They are helpful.

    Yes, I think that transitional kindergarten programs consider the specific developmental needs of 4-year-olds, because they are tailored for that group. For children who are not quite ready for kindergarten, it is a good thing that they have an option for something else. This is also helpful for parents who want quality child care.

  • Transitional kindergarten considers specific needs.

    Transitional kindergarten programs for four year olds are typically designed with the specific developmental needs of this group in mind. Typical kindergarten classes begin at five years old, and many pre kindergarten classes teach only basics, with a focus on daycare. The specific transitional class is designed as an alternative to preschool, and generally focuses specifically on the growing and developing of four year olds cognitive abilities.

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