• Rich Help the Rich

    He will probably try to give tax cuts to the rich because a lot of Republicans believe in the trickle-down economy. Somehow, giving tax cuts to the rich allows for the people at the bottom to get jobs. I do not believe this is effective.The rich are always trying to help out the rich. They don't care about the working class or poor people.

  • Yes, of course he will.

    Donald Trump has said all along that he will give huge tax cuts to the rich and to corporations. His campaign somehow resonated with a lot of working class people despite these facts. It seems unlikely that he will do otherwise now that he's been elected, but considering how rarely he tells the truth, it's impossible to know what he will do.

  • Yes, Trump will give the rich large tax breaks

    In my opinion, it is clear that Trump's tax policy disproportionately favors the rich. Although he claims that his tax cuts will benefit individuals in all income brackets, his proposals will decrease taxes most significantly on the highest tax brackets, whereas the benefits to low-income individuals will be modest at best.

  • Yes, Trump will give tax cuts to the rich

    The proposed tax cuts for the rich is one political promise that Trump is likely to keep. He will look for ways to reward the wealthy and to benefit himself with any change of legislation or political appointments. The tax cuts will not help the middle class and poor. The tax cuts will be supported by congress since they will benefit also.

  • A tax cut is an opinion.

    I'm tired of these stupid liberals trying to be Robin Hood. Robin Hood was a villain. What he did wasn't right. Taxes are already based on land owned and stuff bought, both of which the rich have more of, so their taxes are already higher than average. We don't need to raise it on them any more than we already have. Stop stealing from the rich.

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