Do you think Turkey's court's ruling which led to the release of two detained journalists was correct?

  • The court acted with fear or favour.

    Tayyip Erdogan's iron-fisted rule against journalism in Turkey has had a chilling effect on the press for years and now it appears that he will not tolerate even the slightest criticism of his administration. His restriction of the free press is despotic in character and it was brave of the court to follow the law and release the journalists. They should be applauded rather than criticised.

  • Journalists' Release Correct

    Journalists should not be punished for reporting information that he or she has found purely because the government would prefer that it be kept out of the news. Journalists, like any other person, have freedom of expression and freedom of press to truthfully report or opine on facts that they have found.

  • Free Speech for All

    When journalists are incarcerated for what they publish, it can be detrimental to the sense of free speech for that country. Anyone can be put behind bars for what they say if professionals are being locked up. Even if it can bring light to harsh subjects, free speech needs to be protected.

  • No, I do not agree with Turkey's court ruling to release the two detained journalists.

    It is my feeling that the ruling which led to the release of two newspaper editors by Turkey's constitutional court was risky and inappropriate. Those journalists were being detained for a solid reason. They were charged with willfully assisting an armed terrorist organization aw well as printing material that violated security.

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