• Of course they're unethical

    I take it this way. If you are Union employee, how would you feel if your boss hired non union workers to work next to you? I am betting you wouldn't like it. While ab drivers are not union employees, we all respect what we are doing, even if its a competing company. No respect can be given to an Uber driver that:
    A. Works 18 hours a day, which is extremely dangerous.
    B. Willing to drive countless miles only to make 50% less than a regular cabbie on a 12 hour shift.
    C. Drive their own car and put their own insurance on the line, cause it only a matter of time that an accident will occur.
    D. Operate a motor vehicle without knowing how to drive. Stopping in the left lane of a highway because he just passed the exit on the right side. True fact! I saw it happen 3X in a week

  • Uber It's bully not unethical they lower prices at driver EXPENCE

    Uber It's bully not unethical they lower prices at driver expense without nothin to saying now is practically impossible to make money have you see the list of cars they want drivers to perches expensive cars and now we can not support here is figure if want to work for then
    20% + uber 20+ FTB an IRS 30% car maintenance if don't a lot of their driver make money if they don't sleep 12 -16 hours is illegal the gov has to intervene
    in Los Angeles .80 cents mile really the worse that the passengers think they have tip you an you have drive the riches of the rich if put 4 people on uber charge 4 minimum you get $3.2 if lucky same 4 number in city bus paid $7 and city driver get benefits vacation gas bus maintenance you see the picture who are competing? 20 Century sweatshop

  • Yes, Uber has shown itself as being an unethical company.

    Uber is now known to not only threaten journalists who have criticized their company, but they are known to use intimidation against them, such as tracking their locations after using the Uber service and making the journalist aware of it. That shows another part of their company that makes them unethical, they have tools that are solely used to track a person's locations.

  • Company is unknown

    I can not give an educated opinion on this company as I have not heard about it until this moment. I have done a little research since reading this question and it seems to me that this company maybe undermining an already exiting service, e.i. taxis. Without doing more research this is my initial opinion.

  • Yes, Uber is unethical.

    Yes, Uber needs to take responsibility for the actions of its employees. The most recent Uber-related controversy stems from an executive using the app's "God View" to track the location of a reporter, but privacy invasion is the least of Uber's worries. Multiple Uber drivers have committed assault against passengers with little response from the company. One driver even had a prior felony conviction! The company needs to refocus on customer safety, privacy and satisfaction and ensure that no riders are harassed, insulted or injured under its care.

  • No, I do not think Uber is an unethical company.

    No, I do not think Uber is an unethical company. When it comes to businesses making money, ethics should not play a part in it. Companies will do whatever it takes to be profitable, and sometimes that will include doing things to get press attention whether it is positive or negative attention.

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