Do you think Ultimate Warrior's death is set up?

Asked by: draxhunter
  • Another Obama lie.

    Obama lies to us about everything. Everything is a conspiracy. We can't know anything and we know it is all done by the government. They try to influence us through the use of Obama's race. I want to see Obama's real birth certificate. Seriously everyone, this is common knowledge .

  • I think it is

    Why did he suddenly collapse on front of WWE? Unless he had health issue. If he had health issue then he shouldn't have appeared on live TV. I bet it's just WWE trying to get more viewers to watch. Why else would they do this. I know I don't have evidence it's just a belief.

  • Ultimate Warrior is a legend.

    Warrior's death was awfully coincidental, considering the speech he made to WWE fans just hours before. However, I don't think there is any reason why his death would be set up. It wouldn't raise much, if any, interest in the WWE, and Warrior has two young daughters. I can't think of any reason why his death would be set up. RIP Warrior.

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