Do you think United States should have more gun laws?

  • We need more restrictions

    I absolutely believe the United States needs more laws when it comes to guns because guns are extremely dangerous. They cause a high number of deaths per year, both intentional and accidental. Children can access guns and accidentally kill or seriously hurt someone if they aren't stored in a safe, not easily accessible area, or out of anger, someone could grab a gun and without two seconds, hurt someone else in just seconds. We need more gun laws to prevent people from being able to easily buy guns, even if they have prior violent records or aren't mentally stable.

  • More gun control needed.

    Yes, I believe the United States should have more gun laws. Guns are dangerous and deadly weapons. Every day the media report more and more stories where guns have caused tragic situations. Access to guns needs to be highly restricted and semi-automatic weapons should not be in the hands of citizens.

  • More Regulation-Yes, Ban guns-No

    Ok, so let’s see it how it truly is. Many people own guns the rich, the poor, the bad, and the good. The good people who own guns, follow all of the laws and do not hurt people with those guns. However Mass shootings are starting to climb a bit. This is because the good people with guns do not safely store them. I would propose a law making gun owners responsible and liable if there firearm is used in a crime unless it is reported Sold. Now on to the Bad people. The bad people are going to do bad things with their guns. They do not get them lawfully. And many are not traceable (why would I use my own gun for a crime?) With that being said, most of the gun related deaths are caused by these said bad people. If they don’t follow the “laws” in the first place. What will more “laws” do. Let me tell you:). The laws will empower those who do not follow them, (give bad guys an upper hand) consequently the laws will only affect the law abiding citizens (good people). Soooo... What is the POINT of more laws when if you simply think about it, you will realize it will do nothing. It will only hinder the law abiding people.

  • They should not.

    We as a nation do not need more gun laws on the books than the ones that we already have. We cannot legislate our way to safety, and guns are no different. The second amendment allows for the possession of arms, and more gun laws run afoul of that amendment.

  • not at all.

    In America, we believe that people are innocent until proven guilty. No more senseless gun laws should be erected because %0.001 of people with guns use them for evil purposes. That's insane. People have the right to bear arms. Arms meaning weapons. Weapons meaning military grade weapons with military grade performance. The problem with the laws we have is that there's just too many loopholes and restrictions that prevent them from being informed

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