• Do I get a job the minute I leave school?

    I'm not saying that schools should do all our work but think about it you invest a lot of time and money into a major. But when you leave school, there's a crisis or job shortage. It's like planting and not reaping. You have more of a chance trying to open a business from zero then getting the job of your dreams.

  • Yes but it isn't entirely their fault

    Universities do tend to fail at prepping their students for the future, but businesses fail at contacting universities with their basic criteria needed for jobs in their company. They complain that our students aren't educated to their liking, but they never state what their liking is. The workforce and the universities need to cooperate with each other instead of doling out a mediocre education that only leads to mediocre job prospects.

  • Yes, universities fail to prepare students for the future.

    I think that a lot of universities do not prepare their students for life after college. A lot of universities are more interested in making sure that their students pass their classes and pay their fees. But an aspect of actually helping said student find a job is not a priority for colleges.

  • No I don't.

    I think the Univeristies do a very good job of preparing the students for the future and the career path that they are aiming to get into. Some go so far as to provide recommendations from the professors, have wonderful intern chances, and take a real interest in the students.

  • Some have great jobs.

    No, I do not think that universities fail to prepare their students for the future, because there are many that do a fine job preparing students for real world jobs. If a student is smart enough to attend a Technological University, they can rest assured there will be a job waiting for them on graduation day.

  • No Complaints Here

    Having studied at an American university I believe they do prepare students for the future. I believe our universities do a great job at pulling subjects together and preparing students for specialized fields of study. What they can't prepare students for is an economic depression. This can't be blamed on universities.

  • Universities help prepare sudents.

    Universities aren't supposed to do everything. They simply provide an education and a foundation to build upon. You still have to learn and gain experience in your job and in life in general. Universities don't fail to prepare student because they do what they are meant to do and provide a great foundation.

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