Do you think universities that produce future global leaders are continuing to do so (yes) or are they failing in this task (no)?

  • Yes, I do.

    Yes, I do think that universities are still continuing to produce future global leaders. There will always be new leaders to step in and take the place of the old ones and most of the future leader will have gone through a university. The education system might need some improvements, but they will always be helping to shape future leaders.

  • Universities that produce future global leaders

    I think universities produce future global leaders are continuing to do so. The problem with these people is they are in extreme debt and by not allowing bankruptsy back into student loans we will continue to struggle and have to quit these jobs because we cannot pay off our student loan debt.

  • Can't Blame It On The Colleges

    I believe universities are continuing to produce future global leaders at the same rate they have in the past. I think our governments are more corrupt now than they have been for decades. It is the systems of the government that inhibit good leaders from entering positions of power. We can't blame these problems on the universities.

  • Leaders are not made by universities.

    No, I do not think that universities produce future global leaders, because they do not do much for their students other than to tell them to fall in line politically. Global leaders are born and they are also made through the parenting they receive as children. By the time they get to university, there is not much influence left.

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